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1. The Inner Art of Practicing – How to organize time and practice with a purpose. Breaks down practice in the areas of sound, technique and ideas to maximize effectiveness. 

2. 21st Century Trombone Technology – Anything is possible for the next generation of trombonists and this workshop focuses on empowering young players in the new millennium. Specific emphasis is given to flexibility, articulation and alternate slide positions. 

3. Jazz Architectonics: Building an Improvised Solo – This session starts with improvisational concepts from the ground up. Focusing on blues, chords/scales, creating simple motives and having a plan when improvising in the jazz idiom. 

4. Modern Concepts in Creative Improvisation – This masterclass covers pentatonic scales, superimposition, modal/chromaticism and even improvising using the 12-tone row. A perfect topic for more advanced improvisation students. 

5. Afro-Caribbean Jazz: Demystification of the Clave – A seminar covering many facets of Afro-Caribbean Jazz and Salsa. A short history of Afro-Cuban roots with clear explanations of clave and accompanying rhythms. Students are given simple ground rules and techniques that enable them to understand the complexities of Latin Music and Salsa and improvise in context. 

6. A Career in Jazz: New York and Beyond – Beyond creative musicianship and talent, building a career is a skill in itself. How to plan and record a first project, do promotions, book gigs and create realistic goals for success in the jazz and commercial music industry.

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